i posted this three times it better flippin work

i was telling everyone i’d jokingly make a brady body pillow cover but i don’t know if it’s gonna be a joke anymore

also owain

(full pics)

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i don’t know why i thought this was a good idea

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apparently brady spikes his hair so he’s distinguishable and his comrades can call on him for healing I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW CUTE THAT IS I’M DIE!!!!!


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"Shut up! I earned a good cry! Don’t you know how worried I was?!"

"I…I get it, Brady… I’m sorry."

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I should actually just stick to drawing

I WANTED TO DRAW/WRITE THIS FOR SOME REASON? im sorry im just weak for owain brady bromance

click the read more if you want to see where the hell i was going with this

“You stood no chance against the Scion of Legend, foul scum!” Owain declared as the Risen soldier crumpled to the ground. He made a grand gesture of throwing the tail of his pale yellow garments behind him, sheathing his beloved sword “Shadowdarkness” just as he’d practiced in front of the mirror dozens of times before. Owain was on the verge of announcing the second part to his hero speech before he heard a man’s scream for help. 

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